Despite sex being everywhere, discussing sex openly and honestly is still rare, and we, the Dawson Student Union, seek to change this. This taboo appears in situations where discussion about sex is not only appropriate but also necessary. People having sex need to be able to talk about it with their partners. Somehow, many of us are more comfortable having sex with someone rather than talking to that person about sex! It is engrained in our sex obsessed / sex negative culture, leaving many people horny and confused. To move ourselves towards more healthy and self-actualized sex we need to practice communication and consent. Hoe do you know how your partner(s) feel? How do you know if they want to have sex? How do you know what they want? You just have to ask.

It's a myth that good sex happens automatically without talking - that through intuition you should know the ins and outs of everyone whom you sleep with. Every person you sleep with will be different, and you have no way of knowing what turns them on and turns them off. Not only do people's preferences differ, our bodies do as well. You may find each sexual partner you encounter orgasms in a completely unique way. Human sexuality is infinitely complicated and that's part of what makes sex so fun and exciting! A simple conversation about preferences can get everyone closer to the kind of sex they want quicker. 

Challenging Rape Culture

Another important subject to the DSU is educating about Rape Culture : an idea that refers to society's attitude towards rape/sexual assault and its victims. This can lead to the dismissal and excusal of sexual harassment/assault, rapist behaviour, and rape itself. Rape Culture is reinforced by the media and is perpetuated and upheld by society. The blatant disregard for consent and victim-blaming creates a society iRape culture because as advocates of the student population and given the fact that over half the students that attend Dawson are female-bodied, we seek to protect them as we do all our students. If you wish to seek more information on these topics, feel free to visit our Gender Advocacy Centre, the Hive in room 2D.1a!