Thanks to many years of environmental activism from Dawson students, staff and faculty, Dawson College has successfully put a ban on the sale of plastic water bottles since 2013! Years later, we are still water bottle free and continue to encourage our students to lessen their use of disposable plastic water bottles in their everyday lives. Stop by the DSU office (2F.2) to register and pick up your Free Reusable DSU Bottle! .

These bottles are not only washer-friendly but can also hold hot beverages!

In the past, we came to realize that making the DSU bottles endlessly accessible had its repercussions, and that’s not to throw shade anyone’s way, I mean, we have all been guilty of taking more than our deserved share for the simple fact of convenience.

In an effort to make students more environmentally conscious, we have decided to limit the students to only ONE free bottle per year through registration at the DSU office. Only Dawson students will be entitled to a free bottle, but the possibility to purchase a bottle will be open for students, staff and faculty at a reduced price of 5$.