1) Minutes approving all expenditures and all invoice(s)/ALL ORIGINAL receipt(s) must be STAPLED TO THE BACK of this document on the top left corner.


(2) Describe each expense in the description box and number each invoice/ receipt correspondingly.


(3) Expenditures that are over two months old will not be reimbursed.


(4)Expenditures over $70 of club’s fund must be approved by DSU signing officers prior to purchase. Send an email to Treasurer@dawsonstudentunion.com to ask for approval.


(5) Cheque Requisitions must be handed in on ​Fridays before 2pm to be eligible for ​Tuesday reimbursement​. All cheques handed in ​after Friday 2pm ​will be reviewed the following Friday (this includes resubmissions).

Clink on the PDF button below to retrieve a cheque requisition form!

Cheque Requisition Form



514-931-8731  EXT. 1114


3040 Sherbrooke West, Montreal QC H3Z 1A4

Office: 2F.2

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