Demographic Constituency Councillor positions open! Apply Today!

As elections are well underway for the Student Council program representative positions, there are 5 positions to which you can apply to be nominated: the Demographic Constituency Councillor positions.


Similar to the 12 academic representatives that are tasked with looking out for students within those programs, the Demographic Constituency Councillors are tasked with looking out for the best interest of various minority groups within Dawson College. Those groups include:


  • Queer Students

  • Racialized Students

  • Indigenous Students

  • Francophone Students

  • Students with Disabilities.


Student council participates in decisions involving the entire student body and it is important that all students from diverse lived experiences have their voices and concerns heard.


The Executive Committee recognizes that it is one thing to surmise what a person is most concerned about, and it is another thing to actually be those persons. Such is how the decision to include the 5 additional Student Council representatives came about. A commitment to looking out for the needs of the students was made and the Executive Committee intends to make good on that promise.


The application period is from February 1st, 2021 until February 22nd, 2021 at midnight.

A committee of the DSU will carefully consider applications in order to appoint students who will best represent their constituency and demonstrate leadership.

Click here to access the application form

Help make your school a more inclusive place where all voices are heard. Apply today!

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