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Executive Officers


The DSU has eight Executive Officers elected every Winter semester by the DSU Members to serve for a one-year term that runs from 1 June following their election to 31 May of the next year. 

The Executive Officers report to the Student Council and are responsible for managing the daily activities of the DSU with diligence, prudence, loyalty and honesty. 

Executive Officers 2023-2024

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Isabelo Beli-En David



VP Internal Affairs & Communications

Benjamin-Taylor Sauvé

VP Finance

Derrick Essou

VP Operations & Services

Chief executive officer (CEO), the president is to ensure the long-term integrity of the Union. Roles include but not limited to: enforcing the Constitution, manage human resources, relations between Union and the administration of Dawson College, represent members on the College's Senate and Board of Governors. ​

Officer to represent the Union, coordinate the Union’s relations with faculty, school, and other student associations, and facilitate communication among these groups; oversee the production of the Union’s publications; manage the Union’s communications and student engagement strategy; oversee the management of the Union's business operations;  develop and manage budget designated for department; engage in consultation with the Union’s Members. ​

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), to ensure the long-term financial stability of the Union. Roles include but not limited to: charge and custody for all funds, securities, financial books, vouches, deposits, regular reports of financial status, prepare annual budget, authorize agreements that financially bind the Union and to conduct regular bookkeeping. ​

Chief operating officer (COO), to assume the role of acting-President in case the President is unable to carry on their duties. Roles include but not limited to: coordinating the Union's relations with faculty, school, other student associations, and facilitate communication. Oversee Union's publications, use of Union space, and space improvements. ​


Lina Adda

VP Student Life

Officer responsible for managing relations between the Union and clubs, student run services and independent student groups. Roles include but not limited to: coordinating events, programming, resources to support student groups, manage mental health and support initiatives, approve budget for student groups with VP of Finance and to liaise with the College's Student Services

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Delice Betukumesu

VP Academics & Advocacy

Officer to represent the members of the Union on the College Senate. Roles include but not limited to: coordinating activities of all student representatives, chair meetings of student representative caucus, oversee the Union's research endeavors, operational the Union's commitment to equity through policy, programming and services. ​


Candice Weijia Zhong

VP External Affairs

Officer to represent the Union, communicate positions and Policy taken by the Union to external bodies and agencies. Roes include but not limited to: lobby federal, provincial, and municipal governments to further the objectives, goals and policy of the Union, and assist in the coordination of student-run political campaigns. ​


Fiorella Vargas

VP Sustainability & Equity

Officer to operationalize and maintain the Union's commitment to environmental sustainability and physical accessibility. Roles include but not limited to: liaise with College's sustainability departments, sit on committees relating to Dawson’s environmental initiatives, coordinate sustainability events. ​

Executive Annual Plans

Previous Executive Teams

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