Student Representatives

 Executive Committee Representatives

Kevin Contant-Holowatyj


Kevin is a second-year general social science student who, prior to being Chairperson, was involved in the Dawson Debate Union, Blue Ring Society and other volunteer and extracurriculars on campus. He is passionate about law, politics, economics, business and wishes to pursue legal studies in university. Over the course of his mandate, he hopes to bring lasting and positive change to both the DSU and the school.
As Chairperson, Kevin leads the Union as Chief Executif Officer and its executive team, chairs meetings for both the Executive Committee and the student council,  represents students on both the Senate and Board of Governors of Dawson College. The Chairperson must also manage all Human Resources for the union and is one of three signing-officers of the union. Finally, he is also the main spokesperson for the union. If you want to learn about his plans for the 2020-2021 mandate, you can read his plan which can be found below! You can always reach out to him by email if ever you have any DSU or College-related questions! 
Download the CHAIRPERSON's Plan for 2020-2021

Noah Lemaire


The Treasurer is tasked with important financial oversight of the union. Noah prepares the budget, administers the bookkeeping and helps in the preparation of the annual audit. The Treasurer is also a signing-officer of the union and helps with the day-to-day management of the DSU accounts. Noah is also tasked with assessing and approving funding requests for club expenses and student projects. For any finance or funding questions, please write him an email! You can also look at his plans for the year which can be found below!
Download the TREASURER's Plan for 2020-2021

Danahé Orduña Martínez

Director of Mobilization and Communication

in Construction...
Download the DIRECTOR of MOBILIZATION and COMMUNICATION's Plan for 2020-2021

Alexandrah Cardona

Deputy Chairperson

AS Deputy Chairperson, Alexandrah serves as the secretary for both the Executive Committee and Student Council tasked with taking the minutes and preparing the agenda. She also serves as a student representative on several committees such as the Senate and several of its standing committees such as ISEP, IPEP and the Academic Calendar committees. Alexandrah is also tasked with key record-keeping for the important corporate documents of the union such as the letters patent, financial statements, the constitution, by-laws and policies. to name a few. Alexandrah is also the acting-Chairperson of the union whenever the Chairperson is unable to perform their duties. As it is the case for the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson is a signing-officer of the union. Finally, The Deputy Chairperson tasks include aiding the Chairperson in the administration of the union. For more information, you can download her plan which can be found below!
Download the DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON's Plan for 2020-2021

Amélie Chornet

Director of Clubs and Services

in Construction...
Download the DIRECTOR of CLUBS and SERVICES' Plan for 2020-2021
Please do not hesitate to contact us by email if you have any questions. 
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