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Another Successful Geek Week for The Books

Another Successful Geek Week for The Books

Written by Sarah Quach 

MONTREAL, QC (November 10th 2021)

Between October 18th to October 22nd 2021, a beloved event was hosted by the Dawson Student Union and Campus Life and Leadership at the college: Geek Week!

Geek Culture at Its Best

Similarly, to a myriad of other events that were put on hold due to the pandemic the previous year, the Geek Week’s sprit has come back roaming the hectic hallways of campus. Whether in Conrods, the 3C cafeteria or the upper atrium, a crowd of passionate students got together and shared their interests and inspiring talents. There was cosplay, as well as a multitude of various workshops, from painting to Rubik’s cube tutorials. Students were also offered a multitude of choice of fan art, prints, stickers, postcards as well as greeting cards to buy from in order to support other students.  In essence, multiple activities were organized in order to celebrate all interests that fell into the geek spectrum.

Although it took place in the midst of a busy semester (it was the first semester on campus for the majority!), multiple students contributed to the event. Times might have been difficult, homework might have been piling up, mid-terms might have been haunting the students, but they pulled through! Geek Week was an excellent opportunity to escape from the overall stress of school.

Whether these students spent hours talking and meeting new people and diving into constructive dialogues or stopped by in between breaks, a few minutes at a time, the word spread like wildfire. Several posters, Instagram posts and, most importantly, the capes hovering above the lockers at the lower atrium sent a clear message to all students: Geek Week is officially back at Dawson for another week of unexpected discoveries and happy reunions.

A strong family at the core of Dawson

Multiple volunteers from the Dawson Student Union took  matters into their own hands in order to keep an energetic and welcoming atmosphere. They dedicated their time to get involved by guiding and managing the several workshops, from Kahoot competitions, exciting raffles, loot prizes to cosplay contests. There were WII games, anime dubbing, fandom trivia and so much more thrilling activities.

Geek is often used inappropriately. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s about loving to do something different. Being a geek is not just being nerdy, it’s about having a passion for something. – Florian Breault

Florian was hosting the Rubik’s cube workshop during Geek Week. He was more than pleased to share his skills.

People are geeks, people are nerds and it’s so much fun. I genuinely love the atmosphere! – Lina Privorotsky

Despite the multiple Covid restrictions and lack of space at the upper atrium, legions of students were glad to be part of Dawson’s tight knit geek community. It was an auspicious opportunity to meet several new people and dive into new passions that were never considered before and explore the everlasting universe of geekiness and its interesting insights!

By any accounts, Geek Week was an event to remember!

“We’re all geeks in a way!” -Abril Meza

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