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Frosh Week and Club Fair, oh my

Frosh Week and Club Fair, oh my!

The week of September 7th 2021


Tuesday, Conrod’s was turned into a circus carnival for students to enjoy. Every table presented a game. From dart-throwing to Jenga to Russian Roulette, there really was a game for every taste. Even if it had encountered a few hitches at the beginning, it ran smooth as butter the rest of the day and attracted many students.

 “Out of all the events that had occurred the past weeks, this one had the most engagement.” -Gurpreet Kaur

But games were not the only treats students were in for, because for the volunteers, Frosh Week was a quizzical, potluck social experience. It was the perfect opportunity to mingle with other students at a time where beginning-of-the-semester jitters were still very present.

“I met so many people and some of them became my best friends. Thank you guys for everything and for making it lively and fun.” – Mayesha

The tumultuous activities of frosh week finished off with a karaoke café. Students were able to go to Conrod’s to grab a cup of steaming hot cocoa and listen to some grade-A entertainment: students singing karaoke to their heart’s content.

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The Club Fair took place at Conrod’s and 3C.1 Cafeteria, where clubs from all different ranges had set up their kiosks in hopes of recruiting new members. Although some clubs should have been a bit more prepared according to certain students, they still gained many new members as the sign-up sheets filled to the brim would testify.

This semester, student engagement reached a new high with seven newly founded clubs, such as Dawson Vocal & Instrumental Club, Japanese Culture Appreciation club, Freedom Alliance, etc. in addition to the veteran clubs, such as Sci-Fi, Feminist Union, Chill Club, etc. With all these new groups, student life will surely turn out quite eventful the next few semesters.

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