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A Successful Covid-Era Halloween

2021 October

A Successful Covid-Era Halloween

Due to the pandemic, 2020 was the first year the school has gone without wrapping up October with a bang! As a result, this year Halloween is back in full swing and has shown itself to be better than ever.

In collaboration with CLL, the DSU hosted a plethora of fun events for college students to enjoy in-between classes, including Halloween-themed movie screenings—brimmed bags of warm popcorn served, of course—along with cookie decorating stations and, not to mention, trick or treating events to wrap up the week. While it might be true that changes were still being made at the eleventh hour, it seemed that for many, these activities were exactly what they needed to combat the midterm scaries.

“I love Halloween so I’m just so happy and surprised to see that other college students are still dressing up and working on Halloween events. I thought a lot of students would be busy but it’s really nice that a lot of people are actually involved.” – Sadiya Gangat


The highlight of the week was undoubtedly on Thursday, during which Conrods welcomed all visitors for a frightful good time. Transformed into a spooky haunted maze, the area attracted quite the curious crowd of onlookers. Undeterred by the many worries that arose behind-the-scenes, student volunteers clad in ripped clothing took up the challenge of scaring their fellow schoolmates. Owing to their unmatched enthusiasm, the event itself ended up being a real success, as evidenced by the several students recalling their pleasant experience.

“I like the effort that was put into it, I was actually really impressed with how much it looked like a haunted maze compared to how Conrods usually looked.” – Amina Chadda

The festivities continued in the evening for the geekier of the bunch, as the Japanese Cultural Appreciation (JCA), Dawson E-sports Association (DEA) and the Sci-Fi club teamed up to host the Yokai Game festival which ran from 4 to 10 pm. The event, taking inspiration from Japanese festivals, offered a wide scope of activities, ranging from competitive Brawl tournaments to minigames in which tickets won could be exchanged for prizes at the prize booth. In reference to the Dalgona game from the latest global Netflix hit “Squid Game”, Katanuki, a Japan-originated candy die-cutting activity, was just one of the numerous games found at the festival.

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With the anticipated 31st of October falling on a Sunday this year, students were called to celebrate the holiday by dressing up on Friday to be entered into a costume contest, courtesy of the Etcetera Club as well as CLL. On the metro level, students could drop by on their way in and out of school for free treat bags, rekindling their childhood trick-or-treating memories.

Unwinding into the Halloween spirit might have been the last thing on the minds of busy college students. Luckily, the chaos of midterm season hasn’t stopped the college given the engagement in the various activities offered during this year’s “Halloweek”!

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