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The Union may hold Referenda, on which Members may directly vote on resolutions, in accordance with its Standing Regulations. The voting process will be overseen and managed by the Chief Returning Officer.

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Referendum 2022


Do you agree to ratify the 2022 constitution of the Dawson Student Union, available at [www.dawsonstudentunion.com/referenda] to act as the General By-laws of the DSU?

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Past Referenda

​May 13-14, 2021

Interested in learning more about the DSU Referenda? Here are the important information to keep in mind. For more details please read the DSU Constitution found in the Governance Documents page. For any other inquiry please do not hesitate to contact general@dawsonstudentunion.com


Referenda may be initiated by the Student Council by a two-thirds (⅔) majority vote or Members by a resolution in writing signed by no fewer than one hundred and fifty (150). Members of the Union from at least four (4) different Academic Sectors with no more than fifty percent (50%) being from any one Academic Sector.



The timeline is set by the Chief Returning officer no later than (5) days after its initiation. Notice of the question and voting timeline must be sent to the membership no less than three (3) weeks before the start of voting. Voting must occur over a minimum of two (2) voting days that each have a period of no less than eight (8) hours of voting



All Members shall be eligible to vote in a Referendum. Unless otherwise provided for by law, this Constitution, or the Standing Regulations, all Referendum questions submitted to the Members shall be decided by a simple majority vote.



The quorum for all Referenda shall be three percent (3%) of the Members.