Reimbursement Form

Starting April 1st, 2021, all student groups (i.e. clubs and student-run services) must complete the form below to receive reimbursement for expenses related to their activities. 

Please note that no reimbursement will be authorized for requests exceeding 30 days from the transaction date. 

Student Group Reimbursement Form 

Expenses of 75$ or more require approval from the DSU before purchase. 

In order to process the form on time and to avoid unnecessary delays, please review the instructions below: 

Before completing this form, have on hand in PDF, Word or image format: 

  • Invoices/receipts 
  • Minutes 
  • Banking information (e.g. void cheque) or address for cheque delivery by mail  

DSU Banking System

Desjardins – Business Account

● E-transfers are not possible
● DSU refrains from using checks
● Direct deposit (1-2 days)
● Entering people in the system (up to 2 months)
● Limit the purchases to 1-2 exec per club


  1. The 1st signing officer of the group completes the form below 
  2. The 2nd signing officer of the group will receive an email requesting approval 
  3. The DSU will review the reimbursement request and send payment by bank transfer (usually within 7 business days) or cheque (usually within 3-4 weeks) once approved.