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Strike Solidarity 2021

On March 31st, 2020, one year ago, the collective agreements that protect the salaries and working conditions of Quebec's CEGEP teachers, professionals and support staff employees expired. Across the province, unions representing public sector employees are pleading for increased investment in Quebec's health, school, and higher education networks, on a level necessary to protect workers' purchasing power, and to improve the level and quality of the services that citizens depend on every day.


The Dawson Student Union stands in solidarity with the thousands of staff and employees of Dawson College. We encourage our membership, the students of Dawson College, to support this effort to protect and promote higher education. If you recognize the value of your publicly funded CEGEP education, and appreciate the academic, extracurricular and social supports you've received from Dawson College, then this is your chance to support your




Your action – in class or on the street - could go a long way to showing our government and college administrators that, following years of chronic under-investment in public services, enough is enough: we are sounding the alarm! The  Dawson Student Union stands in solidarity with the Dawson Teachers’ Union (DTU) Association of Dawson Professionals (ADP) Dawson Support Staff Union (DSSU).

We invite all students to download the following graphics and to use them during class to show support to our fellow unions. Included in the ZIP file below are Zoom Backgrounds and Zoom profile picture images associated with the current strike movement.




We also invite students to read the letter jointly written by the DTU, DSSU and ADP students as well as a communiqué that was shared with the DSU.






For information on the current strike, you can visit their websites found below.


Dawson teacher`s Union: 

Dawson Support Staff Union:

Association of Dawson professionals:

Letter addressed to Students

ZIP file with all graphics 


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