How Does the DSU Work

The Union shall have the following objectives: 

Organize students democratically and cooperatively to advance students’ interests.
To provide a common framework for students to communicate, exchange information, and share their experiences, skills, and ideas.

Bring students together to discuss and achieve necessary educational, administrative, and legislative changes wherever decisions affect students. To facilitate organizing services for students to achieve the goal of a post-secondary education system that is accessible to all, of high quality, recognizes the legitimacy of student representation and the validity of student rights, and whose role in society is recognized and appreciated to organize activities promoting social, recreational, and cultural interest.

Plan activities that promote Dawson College students’ social, recreational, and cultural attractions.
To represent the interests of Dawson College students at all levels of Dawson College administration and to appoint all students required to represent the membership of their Union to all constituted or informal bodies of the College following an Act Respecting the Accreditation and Financing of Students’ Associations.