academic council composed of numerous people representing the 5 constituencies at the school: faculty, support staff, professionals, management and students. Together, they consult on all manners pertaining to the academic governance of the school. For example, program revision, implementation of Bill 96, reports from Senate’s subcommittee like ISEP and Academic Calendar. They consult on them and make suggestions for edits and modifications. Those suggestions are discussed amongst the senators, and then sent to the Board of Governors for final approval


Institutional Student Evaluation Policy is sub-committee of senate where they discuss edits and revision for this policy. For example, what should be in ISEP, is it too heavy, what should be added, which clauses should be clarified. It centers on the question, “how will students be evaluated?” addressing topics of fair and equitable evaluations, requirements of course outlines, academic grievances, etc. 


Institutional Program evaluation policy. They handle everything pertaining to the performance of program and is it conducive to academic success.

Academic calendar: senate subcommittee that makes the calendar for the forthcoming academic year. It discusses the number of buffer days (for strikes and winter days for example), when should be study week or if we should even have one in Fall, all while respecting the rules of the ministry.

Board Agenda: committee in which a few senators meet before senate and review the minutes, apply modifications to the agenda as need-be and field requests for agenda item requests

Code of Conduct Policy Committee:

Discuss the Code of Conduct, whether all the rules still seem sound, if there are any that need to be modified. Basically, they ensure this policy still makes sense and is up to date.

Committee to Stem Violence & Abuse of Power: They discuss the policy, make sure that it answers students’ needs, protects them appropriately, ensures a safe space conducive to students’ well-being and academic success

Dawson College Foundation:

Committee discussing and overseeing the management of funds donated by students during the tuition period.

Dawson Sustainability Committee:


Mental Health Committee: