Frequently Ask Questions – Student Life

How can I volunteer?

The DSU has a volunteer network that you can join at any moment. Additionally, you can always come by the DSU office and ask for help.

How can I start a club?

Starting a club has many steps. So PLEASE read all the guidelines.

If you want to start a club, student-run service or independent student group, here are the steps that must be followed!

Step 1:  Fill up the student group registration form by clicking here (or find a printable copy below )

Step 2: Make a petition in support of the recognition of the student group signed by 50 DSU members, highlighting ten who wish to be active club members.

Step 3: Prepare a student group constitution (template available below), a contact list and a description of (3) proposed events for per year.


Please email if you have any questions/concerns!

What are the most common events DSU does?

The DSU has multiple events that vary from year to year.

Every Academic Year:

  • Welcome Week
  • Frosh Week and Club Fair
  • Reconciliation Day
  • Climate Justice Week
  • Multicultural Days
  • Easter Week
  • First People Week
  • Earth Week
  • Spring Event
  • Graduation
What is CEOC? Campus Events Operation Committee

The CEOC is a committee by Student Life to create, organize, and manage events. On this committee, any Dawson Student can participate and create new events.

What are the clubs Dawson has?

DSU has multiple clubs.