How to Manage your Club!


The DSU has renovated all the club spaces during the 2021 to 2022 mandates. For this reason, new furniture has been moved into the spaces. Additionally, clubs have been cleaned and organized differently.

However, the storage still needs to be organized! Clubs need to store only the essentials!


● Spaces are delimited and attributed according to VP Operations & Services
● Clubs may demand a different space or more space if they provide validly
● The DSU reserves all rights to refuse any request after giving a valid
explanation. Further immediate demands after the refusal will be dismissed.
Clubs must respect the executive’s decisions.
● If unsatisfied, they may talk to the DSU President.


● Please read the space regulations for club spaces
● Executives are responsible for the space while present
● DSU reserves all rights to sanction clubs accordingly if there is
disruptive behaviour or rules non-respected


● Room booking should be made through a club executive
● They should contact either the VP of student life or the VP of
operations and services
● Clubs should provide the name of their event along with dates and
times of the activities
● They should specify what they need; a screen for presentation,
conference table, speakers, etc.



Per Semester the DSU will fund 750$, which in total for the year is 1500$

The leftover money will not be transferred to the next year!

Purchases above 75$ MUST BE APPROVED BY THE DSU.

How to get approved?

Send and email to

[email protected] or
[email protected]
Come to the office in person during VP
Finance or VP Student Life’s office


The regulations contain all of the important info concerning the clubs
It contains:
● The requirements to become a club
● The policies that clubs must respect
● All the info concerning the financial aspect of clubs
● How to become a club
● How to go from interim to accredited
● General info on FAQs


When a club is created, it must undergo interim status for a semester, as well as
respecting these criteria

  1. Present a club constitution
  2. Have a list of 3 executive members (Secretary, Treasurer and President)
  3. Present a petition of 50 signatures, with 10 of them being members
  4. Once these are respected, you will be an interim club for a semester, having to do
    one event and proof of bi-weekly meetings
  5. Once you’ve completed a semester as an interim and have sent the proofs of the event and the
    the bi-weekly meeting, you will be an accredited club, which will lend you access to a shared club space
    as well as a club budget
  6. To keep that status as accredited, you must attend a consent workshop, and hold at least three events
    per year (Two semesters). If these conditions aren’t respected, your accredited status will be revoked.

The DSU reserves all rights to refuse a club proposal if there is a similarity to a current club or a lack of explanation.