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Protesting With Sign

Bill 96 Protest

Read below more information, spread awareness. The protest will be on May 14th.


Position on Bill 96

The Coalition of Anglophone students Association of Quebec (CASAQ) disagrees with section II of the Bill 96 pertaining to college and university education, which establishes a 17.5% student admissibility quota reserved for incoming francophone and allophone students of all available seats to anglophone CEGEPs, and which implements a mandatory exit exam in French, for the following reasons:

  • The Bill restricts individual rights of students to decide their language of education in relation to their career objectives

  • Students and CEGEP administrations were not implicated nor consulted in the conception of the Bill

  • The Bill places francophone students at a disadvantage while intensifying competition for admission to anglophone CEGEPs meaning that that admission to collegiate institutions will not be completely based on merit

  • The Bill forces students to take an additional exam in order to graduate, which constitutes an additional source of stress

  • The Bill makes special provisions for certain foreign students, who are favoured in the selection process for admission to anglophone CEGEPs while being exempted from the final exit exam in French

  • The Bill does not take into consideration students attending English CEGEP who decide to attend French university

  • The Bill disregards other decisive factors (i.e. student life quality, location) that lead up to students’ final decision when considering possible CEGEPs 

Instead, and to fulfill the Bill’s objective of preserving the vitality of the French language, the CASAQ suggests: 

  • Promoting French-language cultural activities

  • Ensuring the accessibility of study and career opportunities in French 

  • Encouraging the translation of certain academic documents into both languages

  • Making available to students a universal guide to bilingual terminology for each discipline

  • Creating a network of guest lecturers and francophone researchers

  • Imposing in the curriculum a third course in francophone literature or a new course in Quebec culture. 

QCGN Webinar

he Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), in collaboration with the English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA), Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA), and Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations (QFHSA), hosted a webinar on the impact of Bill 96 on student success. Education has been at the forefront of ongoing discussions in Bill 96’s clause-by-clause review, and questions remain about the impact of a freeze on enrolment and additional obligatory courses in French on student success. In this webinar, we heard from: Christian Corno, Director General of Marianopolis College; Alexandrah Cardona, President of the Dawson Student Union; Katherine Korakakis, President of the English Parents’ Committee Association; Cindy Finn, Director General of the Lester B. Pearson School Board. This webinar was moderated by Michael Goldbloom, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Bishop's University.

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