Special Project Funding​

Each year, the Dawson Student Union commits a portion of its budget to fund student-led projects, events or initiatives. This year the amount total amount reserved is $15,000. The goal of Special Project Funding​ is to help students realize projects that impact the community or advance the experience of Dawson College students. The allocation of the fund is made on a rolling basis, so there are no deadlines to apply. Please note that you are encouraged to apply as early as possible when your project is ready. Usually, applications are reviewed within 7 days after submission.


  • Be a Dawson College student

  • May not solely be used for fundraising

  • Must target the Dawson community or community at large directly

  • Have duly completed the application process


  1. Complete the proposal template

  2. Complete the budget template

  3. Complete and submit the application (you will be able to upload your proposal and budget here)

  4. The DSU will review your application and communicate with you if it has questions

  5. You will receive a decision via email



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