The Hive Gender Advocacy Center is a service provided by the Dawson Student Union. The Hive offers resources for mental, physical, and sexual well-being. They distribute free condoms, lube, tampons, pads, and pregnancy tests, as well as discounted menstrual cups and chest binders! The Hive office has a library for students to borrow from and a couch that is available for breast pumping/feeding or panic attack de-escalation. There is always a coordinator present to answer questions and help refer students to the specific support they need within the college or city.  

Gustavo Guzman - Hive Coordinator

Room: 2D-1A

Office #: 514-931-8731 ext 1082


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514-931-8731  EXT. 1114

3040 Sherbrooke West, Montreal QC H3Z 1A4

Office: 2F.2