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Consent is the practice of asking permission and respecting boundaries. This practice is necessary within sex and relationships, but it is also important in all aspects of life! The Dawson Student Union prioritizes educating the student body about consent and rape culture. Everyone has the right to feel safe on campus!


Check out our upcoming consent talk with special guest Farrah Khan happening during FROSH WEEK!





Challenging Rape Culture

Another important subject to the DSU is educating about Rape Culture: an idea that refers to society's attitude towards rape/sexual assault and its victims. This can lead to the dismissal and excusal of sexual harassment/assault, rapist behavior, and rape itself. Rape Culture is reinforced by the media and is perpetuated and upheld by society.

If you wish to seek more information on these topics, feel free to visit our Gender Advocacy Centre, the Hive in room 2D.1a!

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