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General Elections are done once a year in the spring time to elect: DSU Executive Officers and Student Councilors

Interested in learning more about the DSU General Elections? Here are the important information to keep in mind. For more details please read the DSU Constitution found in the Governance Documents page. For any other inquiry please do not hesitate to contact

Positions in the DSU:

DSU Executive Officers (8 positions)

  1. President

  2. Vice-President Operations & Services

  3. Vice-President Finance

  4. Vice-President Academic Affairs & Advocacy

  5. Vice-President Student Life

  6. Vice-President External Affairs

  7. Vice-President Services and Equity

  8. Vice-President Internal Affairs & Communications

Student Council (16 positions)

  • ​Creative & Applied Arts (3)

  • Continuing Education (3)

  • Science, Medical Studies & Engineering (5)

  • Social Science & Business Technologies (5)

Past General Elections

Spring 2021

Spring 2022

By Elections 2022

For recent updates, information and announcements please follow @dawson_elections on instagram. To contact the Elections Commission team please visit their page: here


AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 7: Nomination Period

SEPTEMBER 8-18: Campaign Period

SEPTEMBER 19-22: Polling Days 


Vote : here

1. Click link above (linked above)

2. Sign in with your Dawson College email (

3. Vote for DSU Executive positions 

4. Choose the Academic sector you belong to and vote for the candidates of your sector's councillor(s)

(September 16)


Executive Officers

  1. Vice-President Finance

    • ​Sabrina Vuong (ACE)

    • Stefano Pangilinan 

  2. Vice-President Internal Affairs and Communications

    • Gabriela Aragon (ACE)

    • Adam Semergian 

  3. Vice-President Student Life

    • Kevin Labossière (ACE)

Student Councillors

Please click on the candidate names to access their IG campaign.

  • ​Creative & Applied Arts (CAA)

    • Jacob Boily

    • Deidra Robinson

  • Continuing Education (Conted)

    • Mohammad Parsa​

    • Parthib Chakroborty

  • Science, Medical Studies & Engineering (SMSE)

    • Brenda Truong

  • Social Science & Business Technologies (SSBT)

    • Nate Gervais

    • Athi Thilagaraj

    • Jessica Maguire

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