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Sign the Petition

We have until March 15 to show the Premier that Quebecers support the right of Dawson students to be treated fairly as Quebecers.

If you believe that students who attend Dawson College should be treated equitably by the Government of Quebec, you are asked to sign the petition by clicking the button below:


What exactly happened?

Dawson’s students are squeezed into a campus that is too small for them- according to Quebec’s own norms for all students. 


Students at Dawson have 30 per cent less space for classes, labs, learning activities, sports, student life, studying, socializing, eating than students at other CEGEPs in Quebec. Dawson’s space deficit was recognized by the ministry years ago and reaffirmed in December 2021.

For the past seven years, in frequent consultation with the government, a team at Dawson has been developing an innovative solution to add the required space, the space that is owed to our students. The new pavilion project would house the seven medical technology programs and advance a new way of training Quebec’s future healthcare workers.

Suddenly on Jan. 28, 2022 – with no prior warning – the Government of Quebec announced to Dawson that the new pavilion project was “uncertain.” Over the month of February, the government shifted from using the word “uncertain” to “cancelled.” The project is still possible until the spring budget for Quebec is presented on March 22.

QCGN Webinar

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, the QCGN hosted a webinar focusing on the Quebec government's decision to abandon its plans for an expansion of Dawson College in favour of prioritizing French-language CEGEPs. The webinar featured the following: Alexandrah Cardona, current President of the Dawson Student Union; Richard Filion, former Director General of Dawson College; and Tim Miller, Dawson faculty member in the Physiotherapy Technology Department. Matt Aronson, secretary of the QCGN board of directors, acted as moderator.

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