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All Montreal English Cegeps Resolve to Jointly Fight Climate Change

The Coalition of the Anglophone Student Associations of Quebec (C.A.S.A.Q.), which includes the Champlain Student Association, the Student Union of John Abbott College, the Marianopolis Student Union, The Vanier College Student Association and the Dawson Student Union, have come together to sign the CASAQ Climate Plan and Policy. This is a binding, yearlong long formal document that:

- Outlines positions that the 5 student unions are in lockstep with, including the importance of ending discrimination in its many forms, and being in lockstep with the UN’s Sustainable Development Plans

- States the objectives that the 5 student unions hope to achieve by the signing of this document

- Commits to series of guidelines to uphold as well as specific actions that each individual student union is expected to take on

The Dawson Student Union is very proud of this collective effort as we are in fact doing our part in ensuring a better, cleaner, more respectful and generally more sustainable future for upcoming generations, while simultaneously laying a positive foundation and precedent for others to follow and build upon.

The plan was ratified by the Executive Committee and then signed by Valeria Sygal, the Director of External Affairs who represents the Dawson Student Union at the CASAQ meeting.

Download PDF • 513KB


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