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Statement on Discriminatory Incidents Experienced by Muslim Student Association, Islamic Relief, and Al-Raya.

Updated: May 28

In recent months, the Dawson Student Union has noted a rise in incidents of a discriminatory nature, particularly against DSU Clubs and independent student groups operating on campus. The Muslim Student Association, Islamic Relief, and Al-Raya have been continuously experiencing verbal violence, intimidation, and harassment while organizing on-campus events.

Recent incidents targeting these groups, notably the Sisters of the MSA and Al-Raya during their Palestinian events, have brought to light the presence of gender-based discrimination, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. Such occurrences clearly demonstrate the urgent need to address these issues head-on. This persistent harassment has been extremely overwhelming to the targeted club members and created an atmosphere of anxiety and fear. 

As your student union, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering a campus environment free of any form of violence, harassment, and discrimination. We stand in solidarity with our Clubs, fully support them, and actively encourage them to participate to enhance student life. Should any Dawson community member have serious concerns about a club event, they ought to communicate them with the executives of the Dawson Student Union.

The DSU firmly condemns all forms of discrimination. We are dedicated to protecting our members affected by situations of this nature and will take the necessary measures to counter these acts. May we remind you that every student needs to adhere to all regulations and policies of the College and the DSU. 


We urge all students to denounce any form of discrimination to the DSU and ask that respect and civility be upheld by all members of the Dawson community. 

The DSU urges any student implicated in situations related to violence, harassment and discrimination to make use of the DSU Hive’s and Dawson College’s services. You are encouraged to consult professional counselors at the College as well as the intervention workers below for support.

  • For immediate or planned psychosocial interventions, contact the intervention workers below:

  • If you are Muslim and would like to have a safe zone or talk with members of your community, you can contact the Muslim Association via : 

  • For immediate intervention in situations presenting signs of aggression, immediately contact Dawson Security: - Extension 1500 Office 2E.14

Subsequently, an intervention worker should be notified in order to ensure a proper follow-up.


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