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​Clubs Made Simpler: New Changes to Rules for Clubs

The 2020/2021 DSU Executive Team ran on transparency transparency transparency and that is precisely the purpose of the newly written ‘Code of Standing Regulations of Dawson Student Union Clubs’.

As opposed to waiting to be given instructions as to how to operate a club, how to manage the finances, how to conduct oneself, and so on, the DSU Executive Team has outlined everything from club budgets and how clubs are created, to the safer space policy and club status revocation, explicitly in this new policy document.

Most of the information contained within the document will be familiar to veteran club members, however there are a few changes that have been made including changes to the number of events required, changes in special project funding, an increase in club budgets, as well as new provisions for those seeking to open a new club under the Dawson Student Union: ‘Interim club status’.

Previously, in order to open a club, one would have to print out the club signup sheet, get 250 signatures and place a star next to 50 people’s names who are pledging to be active club members. The decision has been made to greatly decrease the number of signees from 250 to 50 people, and instead of having to wait until the following semester to be given full club status, one can achieve interim club status right away in order to get the ball rolling.

Outside of transparency, especially through this digital semester where social interactions have significantly decreased, the Team is looking to get more students to participate in extracurriculars, to create more ways for students to bond, and to deepen our collegiate social cohesion by simplifying the process and making it less lengthy to open new clubs.

The full breakdown of Interim Club Status as well as the Code of Standing Regulations in its entirety can be found in the PDF below.

***Some details have changed and are pending ratification at the winter General Assembly

For more information, please contact the Director of Clubs and Services at

clubs standing regulations 2020-2021
Download PDF • 150KB

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