Executive Director Plans

The DSU Executive Committee is proud to announce the publishing of our Director Plans for the 2020-2021 mandate. These plans will serve as our guides throughout the year and serve to set out the agenda for the months to come.

Some of the flagship policies that we intend on implementing are notably the implementation of a Student Insurance Plan, the establishment of the Student Council, the publishing of documents such as the financial statements, minutes and budget, a review of the DSU Bylaws and Policies, a policy on sustainability and a revamping of the website for greater transparency and clarity!

Our directors are proud of the thought and preparation that went into these plans, and we look forward to seeing them come to fruition! If there are any questions on a specific plan, feel free to reach out to that director.

The links to each plan can be found below:


Chairperson Director Plan 2020-2021
Download PDF • 104KB

Deputy Chairperson:

Deputy Chairperson Director Plan 2020-20
Download • 89KB