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First Student Council Meeting

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The Student Council is having its first meeting tomorrow after recently being elected. This meeting will be open to all members of the union if they wish to join. The meeting will commence at 7pm on Zoom. The link can be found below and accessible only through a Dawson zoom account.

Meeting ID: 844 6140 8683

Student Councillors will be discussing very important topics on the future of the union including the appointment of student representatives. For more information on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, please visit the agenda section of our website.

All meetings of the Student Council will be recorded and available on the website.

The Student Council will be meeting once a month is tasked with making recommendations to the Executive Committee on various topics relevant to the union. It is composed of Academic and Demographic Constituency representatives. For any questions on the student council, you can contact


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