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The DSU Takes It To the Press

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Dawson College has taken the decision to move forward with in-person final exams for the fall 2020 semester and there is a great deal of dissatisfaction among Dawson's students and related stakeholders.

The Dawson Student Union executive team has been actively working to bring awareness to this issue so that all members, students’ parents and concerned staff and faculty, may help in advocating for what is right for students.

Quebec's Health Minister and Premier continue to disseminate information regarding the province's current standing in the COVID-19 pandemic and judging by their reports, it is the union`s view that we are far from being in a comfortable enough position to be potentially having thousands of people moving about in Dawson`s facilities.

The school has yet to rescind their decision to hold in-person exams, and as such, the Executive team has been very active in the media; doing interviews, posting on social media, blogging and releasing official statements in order to garner enough attention in the hopes that the college`s administration will change their mind and applying students' demands.

Below are just some examples of the press work done on behalf of the Dawson Student Union in hopes of spreading awareness of the current situation:

LaPresse Article on In-Person Exams at Dawson:

The Montreal Gazette article mentioning in person exams:

Also, please take the time to sign the petition against in-person exams:

For more information and news on the developing situation, follow us on social media or write to us at


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