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The First Ever Digital DSU General Assembly: A Great Success

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 was the 2020/2021 DSU Executive team’s first General Assembly and it exceeded all expectations.

Being the first full digital semester and the first semester conducting a digital General Assembly posed a great deal of challenges. It was already always a difficult endeavor to reach quorum and without being physically in the school, the team’s avenues for mobilization were significantly limited. Yet still, with days spent getting the word out as much as possible, along with the help of some wonderful volunteers, and some assistance from Dawson College support staff, the executive team not only reached the minimum attendance needed but were actually able to more than double the needed quorum, which was the highest turnout in 5 years. Throughout the Assembly, there were more than 100 students who participated which is double the normal student participation for these types of events.

The Chairperson, Kevin Contant-Holowatyj gave some opening remarks in which he introduced the team and some of the ambitious plans for the year. He also mentioned that the formal director plans were to be released in the coming weeks.

The Assembly then proceeded to ratify the budget, the policy on clubs with an overwhelming majority. Major changes were brought this year's budget to account for the realities of Covid-19.

The assembly also looked at the resolution position presented by Green Earth Club on GNL Quebec Project. This Resolution was adopted with a nearly unanimous consent. Finally, following the adjournment of the Assembly, the Executive Committee also remained available on zoom to answer any questions from members. Topics ranged from club budgets to the amendment process of the by-laws.

To see what was discussed and ratified at the Fall 2020 General Assembly, click here.

In addition, 50 of the students who attended won a $20 Amazon gift card. The list of winners (highlighted) can be found in the PDF below. If your name is on the list and have yet to claimed your prize, you can do so by sending a message on social media or by sending an email to

G.A. attendees
Download PDF • 26KB


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