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Student Representatives

Student representatives are appointed by the Executive Committee to represent the union and student interests on the various Boards, Councils,  and Committees of the College. As an accredited union, we are by law given the sole right to appoint students on College entities. 

Kevin Contant-Holowatyj

Board of Governors (Pre-University) , Senate (Day-time) and Valedictorian Selection Committee


Kevin is a second-year general social science daytime student who first began his involvement in student life with Campus Life and Leader (CLL) and with the Dawson Debate Union (DDU). He is set to graduate in 2021 after which he hopes to study Law. As student representative and head of the DSU, Kevin strives to increase student advocacy by increasing the proportion of student representatives in College committees. His goal to ensure that student`s voices and concerns are met, notably that of a fair learning environment. That is why he is also committed to revising the Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (ISEP) to ensure more student input on matters such as academic grievances.



John Nathaniel Gertler

Dawson Foundation

John N.jpg

John Nathaniel is a third-year Environmental Studies student. He's a climate and social justice activist, an active member of Dawson's Green Earth Club and plays on Dawson's D1 Men's Basketball team. He sits on the Foundation's board as a student rep. with a focus on making sure the Foundation acts in what's truly the best interest of students and is held accountable in doing so. He aspires to be a strong voice for students on the board of the Dawson Foundation. 

Leana Ramirez

Senate (Day-time); Health and Safety Committee; Code of Conduct Committee; Smoke Free Policy committee, Policy to stem harassment, discrimination, violence and abuse of power Committee; ISEP Committee; IPEP Committee


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Linden Mackenzie

Dawson Sustainability Committee


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Ahmad Shaker Noori

Senate (Continuing Education)


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Shirin Violante

Dawson Foundation Committee


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Adelka Falcarek-Hope

Science Program Committee

20210403_191929 - Adelka Felcarek-Hope.j

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Alexandrah Cardona

Senate (Day-time); Code of Conduct Committee; Policy to stem harassment, discrimination, violence and abuse of power Committee; ISEP Committee; IPEP Committee


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Julie Jacques

ALC Program Committee


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Tehonatake Nicholas

Indigenous Protocol Committee

T Nicholas.jpg

Tehonatake Nicholas is a dedicated lacrosse player and happily studying in the CRLT program. He is a Kanienkehaka student representative and decided to join the committee to help contribute ideas, resolve issues, and assist native students during their time at Dawson as well as the student community as a whole.

Nathan Mcdonald

Board of Governors (Technical) and Dawson Foundation Committee


Nathan studies in the Professional Theatre Program. He has joined the student council as representative for Technical Programs in order to participate more actively in the functioning of Dawson's student body. He believes that a diverse bodied and minded union and council is necessary to represent Dawson's students.

Oriana Buchsez

Dawson College Communications and Branding Committee


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Ines Lamothe-Katrapani

Science Program Committee

IMG_9095 - Inès Lamothe-Katrapani.jpeg

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