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During the Common Front strike days, no access will be given to the college due to the presence of a picket line. Note that any additional details regarding the strike and/or potential additional strikes, as well as changes to the academic calendar, will be communicated via Omnivox documents and the Academic Deans Office. The Dawson Student Union (DSU) stands with the Dawson Teachers Union (DTU), the Dawson Support Staff Union (DSSU) and the Association of Dawson Professionals (ADP) as well as the other public sector unions of the Common Front Alliance. The DSU recognizes the common interests that often make students and workers political allies. As disrupting production is an effective tool for workers against social injustice, the DSU recognizes that job actions such as work slowdowns or strikes are a fundamental part of the struggle for socio-economic justice, as well as the fight for an accessible, quality post-secondary education system. As students, we are directly impacted by the quality of the public services available to us. Health and social services, CEGEPs, and daycares are the institutions that will affect post-secondary students the most. In the current state of these services, workers are burnt out and understaffed, working conditions are abysmal, and proposed pay raises are not sufficient to catch up with inflation. Concrete examples of the decrease in quality of public services include, but not limited to, the Dawson counseling department’s waitlist being closed, a decrease in activities and services offered to students, malfunctioning A/C and heating units throughout the College, overcrowded classrooms, long waitlists at Dawson Health Services, etc. Outside the College, we are affected by long wait times at the ER, the struggle to acquire a GP and much more. As the first round of strikes begin, the DSU strongly encourages its membership (Dawson students), and all other Quebec students, to support the Common Front in any capacity they can. Joining the picket line in solidarity with the other unions is an important action and visual indicator that students wish to better the current provincial public sector. We ask that everyone respects this effort by not entering the College during this period. Students are encouraged to join the picket line in solidarity. To find out ways to show support for the Dawson Unions, please feel free to contact If approached for media requests, kindly redirect to

Statement on The Plant November Issue

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) recognizes the independence of the editorial processes of student-run media, including The Plant’s. While the DSU funds its operations, the views and opinions expressed in The Plant are those of the authors and do not reflect the views and/or positions of the DSU. We will be working with the Plant to ensure fair and accurate coverage of topics moving forward. We recognize that antisemitism and Islamophobia are a threat to the safety that students are entitled to on campus. The DSU remains committed to providing a safe space for all students and urges everyone to remain respectful when using their right to freedom of speech. If there is an incident to report or a concern that you would like to share with your student Union, please email the VP of Academics and Advocacy at If approached for media requests, kindly direct to ​Please feel free to reach out to


Dawson Student Union

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3040 Sherbrooke West, Montreal QC H3Z 1A4

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The Dawson Student Union conducts its activities on land which is the unceded traditional territory of the Kanien'kehá:ka.

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